Give Me S'more

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Give Me S'more

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We put a Faris Popcorn twist on this classic campfire treat!  Caramel Corn, Marshmallows & Graham Crackers with Milk Chocolate Drizzle

NOTE: This item is NOT Gluten-Free due to the Graham Crackers (wheat) used. 

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Popcorn Packaging Size Info
     Bags (Clear):
          Snack - 2 oz
          Small - 6 oz
          Medium - 11 oz
          Large - 21 oz
     Gourmet Bags (Clear w/Gold Stripes and Ribbon Tie):
          Small - 3 oz
          Large - 7 oz
     Containers (Clear Plastic):
          Small - 1 gallon
          Large - 1  1/2 gallon

NOTE: All bag weights are approximate, as each Faris Gourmet Popcorn Specialty Popcorn is unique and may weigh more/less than others.